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All our Instructors are highly skilled riders with a strict minimum of 4 years riding experience and up to 20 years. You are learning with the best.

The Team

Graeme aka Yorkshire Gray

Co/owner, Senior Kite & SUP Instructor

Kited for: 10 years
Favourite spot locally: Ramsgate
Favourite spot globally: The Slicks (OBX, USA)
Favourite kite: Naish Pivot.

When not teaching at the school: Gray just loves to boost huge jumps on left foot kickers!!

Morgan aka Captain-Morgan

Kitesurf Instructor

Kited for: 20 years
Favourite spot locally: Sandwich Bay
Favourite spot globally: Misty Cliffs
Favourite kite: 7m Core GTS

When not teaching at the school: Morgan will always be found practicing new free style moves. The man is obsessed

Steve aka PT Steve

Kitesurf & SUP Instructor

Kited for: 7 years
Favourite spot locally: West bay
Favourite spot globally: Sal Cape Verde
Favourite kite: Core XR5

When not teaching at the school: Steve runs ‘start fresh PT’ so us by far the fittest of our instructors and is always last off the water.

Lisa aka Just Lisa

Kitesurf Instructor

Kited for: 5 years
Favourite spot locally: Sandwich bay
Favourite spot globally: Cumbuco Brazil
Favourite kite: F-1 Bandit

When not teaching at the school: Lisa can be found honing her freestyle skills or working on her camper van getting ready to travel to new spots!

Where in Kent do we teach?

We are truly lucky enough to have coastline all around us with the north, east and south coastlines with sandy bays & beaches!