2 students

per Instructor 


Why Kite Pirates? This is not just a school. This is a community ready and waiting to welcome newcomers and share our passion.
Come and join the fun. Come and learn with the Kite Pirates.

Our mission is to share this amazing sport with you.

With a team of professional and highly experienced instructors, all BKSA registered, you will receive tuition from avid lovers of their sport.


What to expect:

With a maximum of 2 students per instructor, Kite Pirates give you more!

With tiny group size (half the BKSA standard), our students get twice as much kite time for the fastest learning. Twice the tuition with half the down time.

* With all new 2019 Naish equipment, you get to learn using the latest, safest gear from a top brand.
* The best place to learn - located on a peninsular, West through to South West, wind directions, we got it covered!

* All our Instructors are highly skilled riders with a strict minimum of 4 years riding experience and up to 20 years. You are learning with the bests.

* Never alone - as soon as you have graduated with the school, you are automatically entering into our Community Page, where sessions, advise & events are shared so you always have someone to ride with.

Come on board - and welcome to Kite Pirates!

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