A change to Duotone kitesurfing

Active Ramsgate
Getting Active on the water in Ramsgate
July 1, 2020
Kite surfing is back after COVID-19
March 2021 – Kite Pirates are gettting ready to open up after COVID-19’s lockdown part deux!
February 26, 2021
EVO 2020 kites

It's an EVOlution!

OK - so we all feel like that we've been in a year of school detention with lock down, but so many of you have used this opportunity to learn something new like kite surfing! With that we've also upgraded and invested in Duotone for our kit.

We now primarily use the EVO kite for our lessons. It's renowned for stability, ease of re-launch and great wind-range. It's a beginner friendly kite that will not restrict your progress to intermediate kiting and coupled with the easy to use Duotone Trust Bar you can be sure that you'll get the safest modern equipment to learn with.