Active Ramsgate – Kitesurfing & Watersports

Kite surfing is back after COVID-19
March 2021 – Kite Pirates are gettting ready to open up after COVID-19’s lockdown part deux!
February 26, 2021
Kite pirates tent
Summer shade for our kite surfing and SUP students
July 1, 2021
You can’t visit Ramsgate without coming into contact with the sea. There’s a whole raft (sorry!) of ways to get active in the water, and visitors will have a hard time choosing what to do! Ramsgate is somewhat of a kitesurfing haven, and every year, hundreds of kitesurfers flock to the beach to take advantage of the perfect weather conditions. Ramsgate is also home to the British Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships attracting top kitesurfers from all over the country to compete. You can read more from the Active Ramsgate Team here.